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Additional rules of cooperation within the Go Cases Affiliate Program
  • Rules for participation in the Go Cases Affiliate Program
    The administration of the project provides you with access to the use of the Site http://gocasespartners.tilda.ws/ and its services and functions on the terms that are the subject of these Terms of Use of the Site. In this regard, you need to carefully read the terms of these Rules, which are considered by the Site Administration as a public offer.
    If you do not agree with the provisions of these Rules (in part or in whole), we ask you not to use our Site in the future.
    Your use of the services and functionality of the Site signifies your full agreement with these Rules.
    Capable individuals who have reached the age of 16, as well as legal entities represented by an authorized representative, are allowed to register as a partner of the program.
    The registration of a partner in the Affiliate Network is filling and sending the registration form.
    When filling out the registration form, the applicant must fill in all the required fields with correct and up-to-date information.
    One person can have no more than one Account.
    The administration has the right to refuse registration without giving reasons.
    The administration reserves the right to block any account at its discretion without payment of funds.
  • For violation of any of these rules, the account is completely blocked, without payment of the earned funds:
    the use of job placement services (active advertising systems) is prohibited;
    auto-referral and spam mailings are prohibited;
    it is prohibited to remunerate or ask users of the site (publicly on the site or privately) to register on the sites of advertisers, as well as misleading about the rewards that users can receive by registering on the sites of advertisers;
    it is forbidden to create more than 1 account per user. If duplicate accounts are identified, all accounts are completely blocked, and the amount from the hold is returned to advertisers' accounts;
    if there is a need to create several accounts, it is necessary to coordinate this through a personal manager;
    it is completely forbidden to independently perform tasks on advertisers' websites if registration is paid;
    if there is a need to check the accounting (registration using your link), then you should inform your personal manager about it;
    do not post any calls to register or take any action in the vicinity of the rotator placement, such as "Get 3 packs of coffee for the price of one!", "Register and get Iphone 5s" and so on;
    initiate any automatic transitions, impressions and actions to the advertiser's websites;
    mislead the user by stating any other conditions of action.
  • Settlements with partners, late payments and payment restrictions:
    The administration does not pay for accounts on which more than 10% of income was generated as a result of the partner's independent performance of actions on the advertisers' sites;
    The administration reserves the right to change the terms of cooperation and / or refuse to pay funds without giving a reason;
    The administration can delay payments for up to 30 calendar days, in case of suspicion of fraud (cheating) to analyze the accepted registrations;
    the minimum payout amount is $ 15 or 1500 Go Cases coins;
    in order to protect its advertisers from fraudulent actions on the part of partners, the network, in the event of violations of the current requirements, may collect fines from the partner. The amount of the fine depends on the internal conviction of the administration and can range from 5 to 100% of the funds on the account balance. If fraud is detected, the account is blocked without the possibility of recovery, and all funds are returned to advertisers' accounts in full.
  • The following sources of traffic are not accepted for participation in the Affiliate Network:
    Websites and services containing materials:
    potentially or objectively dangerous for visitors, including viruses in any capacity;
    sites that violate the laws of the Russian Federation or other countries;
    propagandizing violence in any form;
    propagandizing discrimination based on age, racial, gender, religious, ethnic, sexual intolerance;
    violating the intellectual property rights of third parties and organizations;
    contextual advertising on the brand is prohibited.
    Traffic sources must fully comply with the additional requirements of the Programs for which they are used.
    It is prohibited to send traffic from a Source, the type of which is prohibited for use under the conditions of the selected Program.
    The Administration of the Affiliate Network has the right not to admit to participation Sources that do not meet the above conditions, as well as reject Sources that meet all of the above conditions without giving reasons.
    The administration is not responsible for the actions of partners that resulted in violation of the rights of third parties.
    The administration is not responsible for the content of information posted by partners.
    The administration has the right not to respond to inquiries, appeals and letters that do not contain the requisites of the applicant (full name, contact information).
    The administration is not responsible for the registration data that was indicated by the partner when interacting with the information field of the site.
    All program partners are required to pay taxes on their own income under local laws.
    These rules cannot be interpreted as an employment relationship.
    Users are solely responsible for the use of products purchased by them through the information field of the site, as well as for the consequences of such use.
    Dispute settlement procedure
    In the event that information posted on the Site contains the results of intellectual property belonging to third parties, the copyright holder is obliged to:
    Draw up a claim indicating the factual and regulatory grounds that enable the Administration to remove information from public access.
    Attach proof of the originality of the result of intellectual property to the claim (original copy, other documents confirming the ownership of the copyright object).
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