Welcome a completely new product from GC.SKINS developers!
It's a new opportunity to earn available for everyone who love to play roblox.
New creatives are available!
So, what's new in 2.0?
Now the program offers 3 levels with different terms of cooperation for creators:
Silver Level
If you have at least 500 subscribers on your blog / channel (YouTube, Twitch, Reddit etc.) or more than 1000 on your personal page, we will be happy to provide you a test balance of 300 coins.
Guardian Level
If you have 1000 subscribers or more on your blog/channel (YouTube, Twitch, Reddit etc.) or more than 1500 on your personal page, we will be happy to provide you a test balance of 350 coins.
Global Level
If you have 3000 subscribers or more on your blog/channel (YouTube, Twitch, Reddit etc.) or more than 4000 on your personal page, we will be happy to provide you a test balance of 350 coins + 30 promotional codes for 5 free coins for your audience!
Some additional terms of cooperation:
- The last content release was in the last 30 days;
- The email from which the application was sent must be displayed on your channel / blog page.
What else?
Decrease of the minimum payout amount
We got some requests to decrease the minimum payout amount and now it is 15$ or 1000 coins.
Update of the Creative's Library and FAQ
We advise you to use content by the link with minor personal changes if you are advertising our app with pre-rolls - https://clck.ru/UHKdH

We have updated the FAQ section with the most popular questions.
Other improvements
Try our converter «dollars - coins» and check out the new design!
How does it work?
  • Сreate and release content about our brand in your Social Medias.
  • Get rewards from our team on the "revenue share" system in crypto or coins to your account in the app.
  • You will receive 1500 coins (5% more than with the referral program) or 10 $ for every 10000 coins earned by the users you refer.
    How can I join?
    Fill out the form below
    Fill out the form below to receive a personal code and link, add a link to your channel and contacts for communication, select a payment model (crypto or coins).
    Get the invitation
    Waiting for the letter about acceptance of you into the program, you will also find in the letter a personal code and a link.
    Release content
    Release content in a format convenient for you, tell about our brand using your promo code and link.
    🎉Get rewards🎉
    Receive payments in crypto or coins in the app within 5 working days from the 1st of every month.
    Income calculator
    Income of your users
    Your income in $
    ex. 150$
    Your income in coins
    ex. 22500
    — Can I get some footage to make promotion materials?
    Yes, the footage for promotion materials can be found here (including ready-made pre-rolls): https://clck.ru/UHKdH
    — How much $/coins will I receive for each coin earned by my user?
    — You will receive 10 $ or 1500 coins for every 10000 coins earned using your promo code.
    — What payment methods are available?
    — At the moment, it is crypto if you select money or coins to your GoCases account. More payment methods will be added soon.
    — How can I check how many coins users have brought using my promo code?
    Upon request to affpro@bladestorm.org mail, you will receive a special link, by clicking on which you will see the amount of coins earned by your promo code in real time. In the subject line, write "Link to the chart * your code *". Please note that when the minimum payout is reached, income is recorded on a monthly basis.
    — How long will it take to receive payments to my account? What if I haven't received my payment?
    — Payments are made from the first day of each month and can take up to 5 working days.
    — Where can I find my User ID?
    — You can find your User ID here (please, see the picture).
    — Do you have a minimum payout amount?
    — Yes, the minimum payout is 15$ or 1000 coins. You will receive your reward on the 1st of every month as soon as it is reached.
    — How does the referral code system work?
    — There are 3 types of codes in total: the creator's code is the code that you receive in the letter of acceptance into the program, it activates the welcome bonus and is valid only for new users and only in the application. The deposit bonus code is a code that gives a deposit bonus on the site and is not yet used within the framework of the affiliate program. Type 3 - promo code - special codes that you can find on our social networks or author's content, giving various amounts of coins in the application, their number is always limited.
    Application for participation
    This data will help us to include you into the program, it will remain confidential.
    Link to your social media
    Amount of subscribers
    Payouts in coins or ETH/BTC?
    Choose the prefered method.
    Your User ID
    Put a dash (-) if you selected crypto
    Your crypto wallet
    Put a dash (-) if you selected coins
    By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of personal data, agree to the program's rules and to the privacy policy
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